The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter

We all at one point or another in our lives felt like we didn’t totally belong where we were living or in the life we were living. This is how Maddie Grey feels having a life many people dream of. She spends her days in the Big Apple, emptiness filling her and the pages of her BlogSpot: Maddie as hell.  If at least she could pretend her career was going the way she always planned it would; maybe it could help her feel a little more at her place, instead of wishing she was back in Australia.

To make matters worse, her new boss, Elena Bartell is a strong, powerful, driven and quite a scary leader. While many find themselves scared by Elena’s personality, it has a different effect on Maddie, pushing her curiosity to the maximum, creating a various range of weird, funny and different situations they both find themselves in.

I had a pleasant time reading The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter. Being familiar with a few of her previous writings, I can only be happy that her amazing writing style is still present in this book. The ease with which the author portrays the life of a magazine or a newspaper environment and its surroundings always make me feel as if I am standing next to them in the room.

Lee Winters is one of the few writers I look forward to reading because her books usually contain strong leading woman and their hard to please personalities, making them almost unapproachable and challenging me as a reader to see past the hard exterior we are allowed to see at first. The more I read books with this trope, the more I notice Winter’s talent in writing in this universe.

The characters are all working well together into making this story as good as it is. There isn’t much more to say about the writing because as usual, the story flows perfectly and it’s keeping the readers captivated all book long.

I was waiting for the right moment to read this book and I am happy I finally got the chance to read and review it. I recommend this book to everyone, it is a crowd pleaser and it won’t deceive.

I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

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Rating: 5/5


Under Your Skin by Lee Winter

Under Your Skin by Lee Winter

Once again Lee Winter strikes hard with this amazing novel. If you are as passionate as I am and couldn’t drop the first book, then I can guarantee you will not be able to drop this one either. Under Your Skin is the sequel to The Red Files.

In this new addition to her series ‘’On The Record’’, you can find the same characters you’ve learn to love in the first book settling in their life together in Washington. In fact, Lauren King and Catherine Ayers are about to take a trip to plan their wedding, since they wish to get married in Iowa of all places. Lauren is anxious to have her family finally meet Catherine, knowing how both parties are as individuals. Can Lauren’s family see beyond Catherine’s Ice Queen Mask, or will she be judged by her public façade?
Their ideas don’t go as planned, everything doesn’t go the way it should, it is almost disastrous. Luckily, they are given the perfect idea of a case to follow by the one person who ever got close enough to Catherine Ayers and broke her heart, Michelle Hastings. Following her lead, they settle for a bumpy ride to unfold the MediCache story on their hands. Catherine and Lauren, both being the thorough journalists that they are, cannot stop working on their cases even on their week off to plan their wedding.

When should they draw the line. When should family come before the story?

This book is my favorite in between the both I’ve read mostly because of Catherine character’s evolution. She is the one who grew the most in between the two books and it is astonishing to read her putting her heart out on the line for Lauren’s benefits. It is also refreshing to read how their story unfolds and being able to read the extent of their powerful love through the pages of the novel. Bonus point: their vows. Every part of the book is worth reading but the wedding itself couldn’t be more beautiful than it is.

Lee Winter has a way with words and the subject she navigates with in the series is something to convince anyone to read it. Both books are a sweet mix of a love story, mixed with intricate and detailed treason made by the states against its people in the identity theft battle.

Both books had me quite paranoid at times because its details and characters are handled so well the whole story is highly plausible, and that scared me at times.

I suggest you read The Red Files before starting this one, since most characters present on the first one are back again on the second one. I would suggest this story to anyone looking for something refreshing with an intricate storyline. The series of events leading to the intrigue are so complexed yet so simple for our favorite journalists to see through, it amazes me. This book and the series will surprise you in many positive ways.

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The Red Files by Lee Winter

The Red Files by Lee Winter

What does a bus filled with 34 prostitutes, missing pink champagne and a launch party have that is intriguing enough to trigger a journalist’s inquisitiveness?

Lauren King is a journalist for The Daily Sentinel. Her focus? Going to hundreds of parties with A-list celebrities, relaying parts of what she learns while being there. She is good at it, but always knew she deserved more than those crazy parties and useless columns in the paper. Aiming to reach the goal she had set years before as she left her small Iowa country to get a first page article, she pushes the limits of what is expected of her, bringing golden stories to her ungrateful boss.

Catherine Ayers is the Ice queen reigning over The Daily Sentinel. Her favorite activities include engaging into feisty discussions and keeping everyone away from her. Everyone except an Iowa girl, who isn’t impressed by the persona that Catherine is. Intrigued by the story her nemesis is working on, Catherine pushes aside their differences for the greater good. Their paths get quickly interlaced and the scoop they are after might cost them more than what they are ready to sacrifice. But what threat is scary enough to keep two driven journalists away from their leads when their motto is ‘The story comes first’ .

It was one of the first suspense-like stories I’ve ever found myself intrigued by. The story is well written, the characters are well developed. It is clear from this story that the writer had a certain background in journalism because the situations and characters are relatable.

I started this book without even thinking there could be a bit of a romantic side to it, but there it was. Lauren and Catherine are the best example that opposites attract each other. At first, their relationship is like cold water on a burning fire. There isn’t much to it. Add oil to the mix, in this case the 34 prostitutes and the pink champagne, and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable situation on your hands. You can see both character’s evolution all through the story, you can see them work hard and with brilliant minds to get the complete story out of the people they meet along the way. Their determination and quick thinking is amazing and only a mind as brilliant as Lee Winter’s could pull it off. I was impressed to see all the little details coming together perfectly. I must admit the quality of this book kept me captivated all book long, even though I haven’t been a suspense-mysteries lover.

Having read this perfectly written book, I am more than excited to start reading the second book of the series coming out on June 20th. If it’s anything like the first one, it will blow my mind just as much.

I would recommend this book to any given soul who reads this review. It was one of the greatest book I’ve read this year and it left me completely astounded.  Lee Winter just grabbed herself a spot as one of my favorite writers with this book and I cannot wait to read more.

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