Just for Show by Jae

They say love cannot be bought, but can two person bounded by a fake relationship contract blur the lines between love and work arrangement enough to make it possible?

Claire Renshaw is about to get married and just as everything else in her life, she wants it perfectly organized. She’s got it all figured out, down to every little details. Claire is engaged to the beautiful Abby, a respected lawyer and has a self-help book on the way to be published. The couple therapist had everything she needed in her life, or so she thought…

What happens when her soon-to-be wife leaves her the day before the wedding, and the only thing she has left is her still unpublished book ‘’The Art of Lasting Relationship’’. Ironic, isn’t it? Even more because the only way left for her to get the book published is by entertaining a pretended relationship with a confident, curvy actress, who proudly works as a barista in between acting gigs.

Claire’s need to control everything is about to get tested once the messy Lana Henderson, far from the perfection she usually finds herself attracted to, moves in with her.

Their whole relationship is filled with deflections, well hidden under the pretense of their contract because they both don’t understand how they could feel a strong pull towards someone they least expected it!

Both characters couldn’t be more different if they tried. Can they put aside their difference long enough to make their fake relationship look genuine to the publisher or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

Sometimes love isn’t what you pictured at all, but it doesn’t mean it is not what you truly needed.

Jae is a mastermind in the art of writing fake relationships into wonderful slow-burned romance and ‘’Just for Show’’ is another great example of her talent as a writer. I recommend this one just as much as her whole collection. I am always amazed by the depth of every character that comes out of her imagination.

Once again I got lost in her universe and fell in love with each ones of the characters qualities and flaws until I couldn’t stop reading. Lana’s character was my favorite, mostly because of her down to earth personality. I feel like many readers will find themselves able to fill in her shoes.

My favorite scene of the whole book was the photo shoot. It was so well written and detailed that I can still see in my mind the pictures they took as if I was the one who took them, even if I only read about it.

If you are looking for a great quality, 300+ pages fake relationship romance, stop wasting your time and order this gem, you will not be disappointed.

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