Paper Love by Jae

Who thought writing with a pen could get as intense as it gets in Jae’s latest novel Paper Love?


Paper Love is the story of Suzanne, who just quit her job as a business consultant, mostly because she felt she would never get her potential recognized in the sexist environment she worked at. Once the news is out, she gets forcibly asked by her mother to help her uncle try to save his stationery store business. Reluctant at first to help yet another family member to maintain their business open, she gets more than she bargained for when she gets her foot wet in the Bächle next to her uncle’s store on her first day. Anja Lamm a stationery geek, who has been a loyal employee of Paper Love for many years, feels threatened when the digital-loving ice queen Frau Wolff sets her now-wet foot in the store and starts looking through the business in detail, making suggestions that could cost her job.

What starts as an impossible working relationship between two strong-willed women, turns into a great complicity to save what is left of Uncle Norbert’s store. With Anja’s knowledge of the stationery world and Suzanne’s ability to handle the digital one, once united, they are a force not to reckon with. Will their many late nights working be enough to save Paper Love?

I remember in the middle of April, Jae had asked her followers on Twitter: How many of us still use pen and paper? Back then I thought I knew what my answer was but after reading Paper Love, I find myself mysteriously wishing to buy an expensive refillable pen and try my hand at writing on a quality paper. The details are so well written that writing on a paper could almost feel like an intimate action.

Paper Love is another great success from Jae. Her characters are as usual loveable, mysterious and with a complexity rarely seen in books. It almost feels as if she knows them privately before she writes about them. I loved the fact that both protagonists hold a certain animosity against the other at first, which made the romantic part of the book come in as a great surprise. Another great surprise was once again the mention of a character from one of Jae’s previous books, Jenna Blake. Every time the author writes a new story, I am waiting for the little link between her characters, because there is always one somewhere, only a sentence, or a name, but it is enough to make me satisfied.

What astounded me the most in this book is the city the action takes place in. Knowing Jae is from Germany and having her characters be on her side of the world for once is great. I felt as if it made the story even closer to her heart and the lake she mentioned a few times in the books is a special place to her. I also liked the use of a few German words, about three, that I had to google to understand what they were, because of the German name, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop reading, it’s just that my curiosity needed to put an image to the words.

Paper Love is a great book that will keep you up at night, turning pages, urging the characters to act as you wish they would. Once again, Jae’s writing did just that. Every book I find myself reading makes me respect this author greatly. I recommend it as one of her best yet, along the lines of Perfect Rhythm, Something in the Wine and Just for Show.

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Under a Falling Star by Jae

Under a Falling Star by Jae

Did you ever wish upon a falling star? I know I did more times than I can count, and I sometimes still do. I do believe it is everybody’s dream to make a wish and to see it come true. It adds to the magic every child still inside of us believes in and it’s that kind of mysterious magic that brought two amazing characters together.

Austen Brooks is a newly employed assistant to Mr. Saunders and since no one wants to take charge of decorating the office’s Christmas tree. Part of her decorations is insisting that everyone writes down a wish to hang on the tree.

Dee is the company’s second in command, therefore, everyone she ever met in her life is usually either afraid of her or being nice only to get something from her. Dee ‘s brother writes a simple Christmas wish for her to put up in the tree. To find a girlfriend. A lucky misfortune that happens leads her to spend a day with Austen Brooks, her brother’s new assistant.

Being new to the company, Austen doesn’t know who Dee really is and doesn’t care about voicing her unjustified opinion about the woman she named Attila after hearing rumors about her. Unlucky for her, she doesn’t know Dee’s real name is Daniella Saunders, aka Attila. Leaving Austen in the dark regarding the real identity of her new friend gives Dee an option she never had before, to see who she is truly dealing with, to get a glimpse at Austen’s intentions along with getting chance to meet someone she would’ve never ever considered speaking with before. Maybe there really is some magic in wishing upon a falling star.

I had this book in my Wishlist for longer than I could remember. If I had known it would be that good, I would’ve pressed the little ‘’Buy’’ button way before. I feel like I am repeating myself but as usual, Jae’s writing is flawless, her characters are so real and honest, you can’t stop reading. Even the most complex of them has an intriguing history and it pushes you to keep on reading through. It was another buy I will not regret. The research Jae has put in is once again perfect. You can see from the high writing level that Jae knows what she is doing.

Dee’s character was my favorite. As much as people are trying to make her feel like a mean and horrible character, she strikes me has an unforgiven, but impartial and loyal boss. She is married to her work and would do anything she needs to prove to her family and herself that she has what it takes to get the lead of the company eventually. Being a woman in a male dominated family forces her to outshine herself and is making her truly the best, regardless of her feelings she keeps hidden. Meeting Austen brings out the best in Dee and her emotional journey is amazing to follow.

This book is the proof that sometimes the most expected pairing is the truest of them all.

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Happily Ever After by Jae


Happily ever after, by Jae

Happily ever after, or as I would like to call it: the best introduction to all of Jae’s works.

Jae once again found a way to captivate her readers with the collection of her short stories some you might have read at the end of her already published books, such as the one from Something in the wine:   Seduction for Beginners.

It is always a pleasure to get a glance again at all those characters I have once fallen in love with in those tales, such as Leontyne from Perfect Rhythm, right before she has to leave for her newest album’s tour.

In this book of short successes, you also get a glimpse at Drew and Annie from Something in the Wine as Annie tries to engage her first intercourse between Drew and her, while her newfound lover is being the perfect gentle woman and not pressuring her into anything she isn’t ready for.

It is also nice to see the other side of the writing process our favorite writers have to go through in the first few stories of the book, where you can see one of the protagonists from the first part clearly in the process of writing Just for Show.

There were also a few other characters some of you might recognize from her previously released books that I haven’t read yet, such as a few of Damage Control’s characters or Dawn and Aiden from Conflict of Interest.

One of the tales that stood up from the lot and I wish there were more of their story to be read in a future book was the third one, Blind Date at the Booklover’s Lair. I found myself intrigued by Jen and Tricia’s universe. It felt like there was a lot more that could be written and I would definitely love to read a book about them in the future.

Special mention to Christmas Road Trip, it was unexpected even if it was short; the ending was a nice surprise.

In true Jae’s fashion, her characters are loveable, interesting and always find a way to win a place in your heart in the few short pages of her stories. I don’t usually read short stories out of their original universe but I have to admit I really loved reading this book and getting lost again in those worlds I already knew a lot about and found myself wishing some stories where a whole book instead of just a few pages long.

I recommend this to all of Jae’s readers, you will love it for sure, and to the others who don’t already know her work, it would be a great way to get a look into her universes and hopefully fall in love with them just as I have.

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Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Perfect Rhythm by Jae

One second, Jenna  Blake is on stage of the Madisson Square Garden, ending her tour with the same song she had grown sick of signing over and over again, in the next,  Leontyne Blake is in her rental car in the middle of nowhere, going home to her family she hasn’t seen in years.

Holly Drummond, her father’s nurse, is far from happy of seeing the famous Jenna Blake back in town, as she feels she should’ve come home years ago. Can their tense interaction warm up with time? Will they be able to be civil towards each others?

This story is about finding friendship in a world filled with phony people, only attracted by money and fame. It’s about going back to where it all started, to be able to find back the voice within you that helped you get started in the music industry. It’s about finding love in the most unexpected way and giving people the chance to love you for who you are.

It was the first time I’ve read a novel with an asexual character in it and it was what made me buy it at first. I was curious to see how the character would be portrayed and how deep the researches have been put in making Holly’s character as authentic as possible. Needless to say that with her incredible baggage as a writer, Jae once again proved that there is always more to a character than what is shown on the surface. She digs deep into understanding all the versatilities of any Ace person and all the struggles and misperceptions that comes with it. This story is once again going on the top of my list.

Perfect Rhythm is another book I’ve read so fast that I am still impressed. I’ve had in on my shelves for a little over 3 months now and I’ve just reread it for the sixth time. It is THAT good. The story is keeping you focused and you just have to keep on reading. It is perfectly well written. The asexual explaining done by Holly are so nicely described it makes it even more credible, top it with Leo’s fear of thrusting people in her life, their relationship is heartwarming and heart shattering at times but still; this is the best book I’ve bought in a while, worth it every single chapter.


*I do have to put a disclaimer though after I suggested the book. If you are not safe reading about a father being sick, I would suggest you read it carefully. It hadn’t occurred to me before I suggested it and it hit my friend hard. *

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Just for Show by Jae

They say love cannot be bought, but can two person bounded by a fake relationship contract blur the lines between love and work arrangement enough to make it possible?

Claire Renshaw is about to get married and just as everything else in her life, she wants it perfectly organized. She’s got it all figured out, down to every little details. Claire is engaged to the beautiful Abby, a respected lawyer and has a self-help book on the way to be published. The couple therapist had everything she needed in her life, or so she thought…

What happens when her soon-to-be wife leaves her the day before the wedding, and the only thing she has left is her still unpublished book ‘’The Art of Lasting Relationship’’. Ironic, isn’t it? Even more because the only way left for her to get the book published is by entertaining a pretended relationship with a confident, curvy actress, who proudly works as a barista in between acting gigs.

Claire’s need to control everything is about to get tested once the messy Lana Henderson, far from the perfection she usually finds herself attracted to, moves in with her.

Their whole relationship is filled with deflections, well hidden under the pretense of their contract because they both don’t understand how they could feel a strong pull towards someone they least expected it!

Both characters couldn’t be more different if they tried. Can they put aside their difference long enough to make their fake relationship look genuine to the publisher or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

Sometimes love isn’t what you pictured at all, but it doesn’t mean it is not what you truly needed.

Jae is a mastermind in the art of writing fake relationships into wonderful slow-burned romance and ‘’Just for Show’’ is another great example of her talent as a writer. I recommend this one just as much as her whole collection. I am always amazed by the depth of every character that comes out of her imagination.

Once again I got lost in her universe and fell in love with each ones of the characters qualities and flaws until I couldn’t stop reading. Lana’s character was my favorite, mostly because of her down to earth personality. I feel like many readers will find themselves able to fill in her shoes.

My favorite scene of the whole book was the photo shoot. It was so well written and detailed that I can still see in my mind the pictures they took as if I was the one who took them, even if I only read about it.

If you are looking for a great quality, 300+ pages fake relationship romance, stop wasting your time and order this gem, you will not be disappointed.

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Something in the Wine by Jae

Have you ever stood on the edge between simply existing and living?

I think this is the best way to describe what happens to Annie Prideaux, CPA. Senior Associate. She owned her title by working countless hours. Annie is always making her needs less important than anyone else’s. She is disillusioned by love and most importantly, she is straight. She meets Drew Corbin an out and proud vintner, confident and open to love and life in general. Both characters couldn’t be more different if they tried.

This is the perfect friends to lovers / fake relationship book. It is filled with the right amount of getting to know a person while understanding who you really are. It’s about pretending to be in love in front of everyone, and pretending not to be in front of each others. It’s about falling in love with the person you least expected to, regardless of the gender and discovering how nice it feels to be loved and cared for.

Even though their meeting was meant to be a prank by Annie’s brother, it might have been one of the best pranks he ever pulled. This is a story about falling in love and learning to respect, believe and trust yourself and your own values.

I guess I’ve been mostly attracted to this story because it hit me close to home. Doesn’t all perfect love stories happen when we decide we don’t need love? I think they do and this book is exactly what we all need.

As usual, Jae’s writing is flawless. The details in her characters are always on point. With a talented writer like her, there is no doubt that the complexity of Annie and Drew’s character is thought and written to be that way. She works with the emotions as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do, but her ability to make them so real just prove how good of a writer she is.

I already read it three times in the few weeks since I bought it and I will certainly keep on re-reading it. I highly recommend this title; it will be worth the sleepless nights.

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Backwards to Oregon by Jae

Let me start by saying that I don’t read that many historical books or at least I had not before I was suggested Backwards to Oregon by Jae.

It only took me a few chapters to get captivated by the mystery that is Luke Hamilton’s character; this handsome, reliable, respectable man standing in the back of this ocean of male prospects. Luke is THE gentleman who could melt probably every ladies heart, or at least it did melt mine.

Nora on the other hand is a more broken character. Her life has been filled with disappointments and Luke entering her life doesn’t necessarily mean positive things to her. Will the time spent together help her change her mind on herself, her own wishes, needs and abilities? Will it even change her opinion on love?

It might have taken me a few chapters to get myself situated in the time frame and where it was all taking place, but once I got it all figured out, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. The chapters titles both situate you in the time and space, which helps a lot. The story is so well structured that you will easily do as I did, forget all responsibilities for an entire day only because I couldn’t manage to drop this book.

This is the 3rd book I’ve read from Jae but I still get impressed by the quality of her writing in every book I get my hand on. The author is talented and can write pretty much anything she wants, and still manage to do it with talent.

If you are wishing for a fast romance, this might not be the best book for you, but if you are looking for an intricate, complete and mesmerizing love blossoming between two characters, happening in years when being in love with a same gendered person was a sin; this will be it.

You will spend more than 100 pages trying to keep Luke’s identity a secret, while struggling for her to tell Nora who she really is.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and I look forward to reading the sequel.

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