The Summer we Lost by Helen Blacksmith


The Summer We Lost by Helen Blacksmith.


After being approached by the author to review her upcoming novel, I had a great feeling about the story. The premise of the book was great, I was automatically drawn to it.


The Summer we Lost is the story of two lesbian characters, TJ and Gwen, who used to be childhood best friends. The two grown-ups end up meeting again years later, both with their own children now. Their children quickly become friends together, therefore, the mommies end up spending a crazy amount of time together as well, years after they were taken away from one another by their parents. Are things over between them, or will the time spent together be enough to relight the flame between them? What’s not to like about that.

As promising as the story was, I must admit I sometimes found myself lost at first, probably because of my less than perfect English skills. I also had a few troubles with the file format at first, which I already mentioned to the author before I wrote this review, and which already got rearranged right away and is no longer an issue with the final project.

To be honest, I think this story is a great one, but it could have been a lot longer. There are a few moments when the story between them goes so fast, it feels like the years they’ve lost meant nothing. I would’ve loved to see them talk a lot more about their stories since they’ve got taken away from their young love by their parents. There is a lot left unsaid, not that it makes the story any less good, I just think it would benefit it greatly.

With every great story being published, you need an army to edit and review the work, and I think a full team behind this author might benefit the book and her other projects a lot, with either grammar correction, fluidity, and other writing issues. Being a self-publishing author is a challenge nowadays and it is nice to see authors still giving all they have into a project they love as much. Helen Blacksmith is still new to the writing world, and I feel like she still has a lot to learn from those who currently dominate the charts. Her ideas are great, but they need more work to be 5 stars level. I did love the exchange I had with her and I am curious to see what her next projects will be.

I suggest you read the story to get your own opinion on it since I am still forging my own.


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Paper Love by Jae

Who thought writing with a pen could get as intense as it gets in Jae’s latest novel Paper Love?


Paper Love is the story of Suzanne, who just quit her job as a business consultant, mostly because she felt she would never get her potential recognized in the sexist environment she worked at. Once the news is out, she gets forcibly asked by her mother to help her uncle try to save his stationery store business. Reluctant at first to help yet another family member to maintain their business open, she gets more than she bargained for when she gets her foot wet in the Bächle next to her uncle’s store on her first day. Anja Lamm a stationery geek, who has been a loyal employee of Paper Love for many years, feels threatened when the digital-loving ice queen Frau Wolff sets her now-wet foot in the store and starts looking through the business in detail, making suggestions that could cost her job.

What starts as an impossible working relationship between two strong-willed women, turns into a great complicity to save what is left of Uncle Norbert’s store. With Anja’s knowledge of the stationery world and Suzanne’s ability to handle the digital one, once united, they are a force not to reckon with. Will their many late nights working be enough to save Paper Love?

I remember in the middle of April, Jae had asked her followers on Twitter: How many of us still use pen and paper? Back then I thought I knew what my answer was but after reading Paper Love, I find myself mysteriously wishing to buy an expensive refillable pen and try my hand at writing on a quality paper. The details are so well written that writing on a paper could almost feel like an intimate action.

Paper Love is another great success from Jae. Her characters are as usual loveable, mysterious and with a complexity rarely seen in books. It almost feels as if she knows them privately before she writes about them. I loved the fact that both protagonists hold a certain animosity against the other at first, which made the romantic part of the book come in as a great surprise. Another great surprise was once again the mention of a character from one of Jae’s previous books, Jenna Blake. Every time the author writes a new story, I am waiting for the little link between her characters, because there is always one somewhere, only a sentence, or a name, but it is enough to make me satisfied.

What astounded me the most in this book is the city the action takes place in. Knowing Jae is from Germany and having her characters be on her side of the world for once is great. I felt as if it made the story even closer to her heart and the lake she mentioned a few times in the books is a special place to her. I also liked the use of a few German words, about three, that I had to google to understand what they were, because of the German name, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop reading, it’s just that my curiosity needed to put an image to the words.

Paper Love is a great book that will keep you up at night, turning pages, urging the characters to act as you wish they would. Once again, Jae’s writing did just that. Every book I find myself reading makes me respect this author greatly. I recommend it as one of her best yet, along the lines of Perfect Rhythm, Something in the Wine and Just for Show.

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The Taste of Her Volume Two By Jess Lea

The Taste of Her Volume Two by Jess Lea

The book begins in force with A Good Show. After reading that one; your mind is easily set for the quality of the future stories to come afterwards.

I find it hard to give a proper review of a book filled with multiple short stories, since the appreciation level of each of them in the book isn’t the same but I still had a great time reading this collection of short erotic tales from Jess Lea.

I did not have many to compare it too, but they all were a quick read nicely written, all more different than the other. It was refreshing. I discovered Jess Lea’s writing with the second novel of The Taste of Her’ series and was pleased by what she wrote.

One of the positive side to a novel filled with different shorts in it is that you don’t have to read the first volume to know where the story stands. The book is filled with erotic and sensual stories. If it’s your kind of thing, you will be more than pleased to read it.

My favorite one of the collection was Ephemera. I think it had more sensuality and, in my opinion, it was the one who made me really appreciate this book to its full potential and did not leave me as impassible as I often am.

Candy Topping left me questioning about it for a while. I am guessing it was the language barrier from my French that gave me the impression that I didn’t fully understood the complete short and it left me wondering about it for a while.

Leaving my opinion on the side, the stories are well written, the characters all have their unique kinks. This book is an easy and fun read on the side. Like many erotica short stories; I find it hard to read through them all one after the other, but I think they complete well a bedside book you are currently reading.

The fast pace of short stories often leave the characters lacking background histories that could add a lot more to a story, but this is a constant in every shorter stories I ever read so it is not a neglection from the author, but more something missing from a genre of books.

If you are the kind to love different powerplay between two characters, you will be highly satisfied by buying this book. The level of kinks involved is not too hardcore for readers who might usually prefer love stories to intense and shocking powerplay. I was greatly satisfied and surprised by the quality of the stories in it.


**I received and ARC in exchange of an honest review of the book**

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Popcorn Love by KL Hugues

Popcorn Love by KL Hugues

This book has been on my list for a while but somehow always got pushed back. I am so glad I finally took the time to read it. I’ve known KL Hugues’ work from the fanfiction days and it’s the first book I’ve read since ‘’The Art of Us’’.

Elena Vega is a young successful businesswoman and single mother who effectively splits her life between her work and her son. After her friend and family insists she needs to find someone to share her life, she agrees to go on a few blind dates set by her best friend, only if she finds a suitable babysitter for her son.

Elena’s best friend Vivian does what is asked and Allison Sawyer enters Elena’s life in a questionable way. Allison is different from anyone Elena probably would have interviewed to babysit Lucas if it wasn’t for Vivian. Coming from a difficult background, Allison, a college student is a great example of a kid who had to grow up in the system without the love of her parents. On the other hand, Elena comes from a different universe with her parents being well off, her perfect use of the English language and her attitude that might come on as stiff. Surprisingly, even coming from two opposite worlds; both adults connect, and Allison is a perfect fit for her son.

Every time Elena goes on a date, Allison is there as she gets ready and meets her dates. Luckily, she is still there to talk its ups and downs with her afterwards with a big popcorn and Reese bowl. Is Elena unsuitable for all her dates? Maybe that would explain why she cannot wait to get back home and share the eventful experiences her dates were with her son’s babysitter. Or maybe is there something more?

KL Hugues did a great job with her characters in this book. Their banters and their chemistry are so well written, that it is impossible not to fall in love with all the characters in this book. More than once in the book, when Elena opened the door to meet her date, I was always looking forward to reading Allison’s opinion on the guy, because she usually wasn’t wrong, and it was in those moments that we could see them evolve. The storyline is entertaining. I could clearly see this become a great movie. The dialogue is adorably hilarious at times.

I would recommend this book to anyone out there who is just like me, hesitating and pushing it back down the pile. It is a nice, easy read between two main characters with clashing personalities. On the plus side, there is no complicated situations, no uncertainties. It feels like how most love stories in real life are started. They build slowly without anyone noticing it, but once you realise your feelings and are in the relationship, you are in. There is no need to complicate things with hesitant feelings. This book is great for all the lovers at heart out there who can’t bear getting their hearts broken by a book.



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Under Your Skin by Lee Winter

Under Your Skin by Lee Winter

Once again Lee Winter strikes hard with this amazing novel. If you are as passionate as I am and couldn’t drop the first book, then I can guarantee you will not be able to drop this one either. Under Your Skin is the sequel to The Red Files.

In this new addition to her series ‘’On The Record’’, you can find the same characters you’ve learn to love in the first book settling in their life together in Washington. In fact, Lauren King and Catherine Ayers are about to take a trip to plan their wedding, since they wish to get married in Iowa of all places. Lauren is anxious to have her family finally meet Catherine, knowing how both parties are as individuals. Can Lauren’s family see beyond Catherine’s Ice Queen Mask, or will she be judged by her public façade?
Their ideas don’t go as planned, everything doesn’t go the way it should, it is almost disastrous. Luckily, they are given the perfect idea of a case to follow by the one person who ever got close enough to Catherine Ayers and broke her heart, Michelle Hastings. Following her lead, they settle for a bumpy ride to unfold the MediCache story on their hands. Catherine and Lauren, both being the thorough journalists that they are, cannot stop working on their cases even on their week off to plan their wedding.

When should they draw the line. When should family come before the story?

This book is my favorite in between the both I’ve read mostly because of Catherine character’s evolution. She is the one who grew the most in between the two books and it is astonishing to read her putting her heart out on the line for Lauren’s benefits. It is also refreshing to read how their story unfolds and being able to read the extent of their powerful love through the pages of the novel. Bonus point: their vows. Every part of the book is worth reading but the wedding itself couldn’t be more beautiful than it is.

Lee Winter has a way with words and the subject she navigates with in the series is something to convince anyone to read it. Both books are a sweet mix of a love story, mixed with intricate and detailed treason made by the states against its people in the identity theft battle.

Both books had me quite paranoid at times because its details and characters are handled so well the whole story is highly plausible, and that scared me at times.

I suggest you read The Red Files before starting this one, since most characters present on the first one are back again on the second one. I would suggest this story to anyone looking for something refreshing with an intricate storyline. The series of events leading to the intrigue are so complexed yet so simple for our favorite journalists to see through, it amazes me. This book and the series will surprise you in many positive ways.

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The Red Files by Lee Winter

The Red Files by Lee Winter

What does a bus filled with 34 prostitutes, missing pink champagne and a launch party have that is intriguing enough to trigger a journalist’s inquisitiveness?

Lauren King is a journalist for The Daily Sentinel. Her focus? Going to hundreds of parties with A-list celebrities, relaying parts of what she learns while being there. She is good at it, but always knew she deserved more than those crazy parties and useless columns in the paper. Aiming to reach the goal she had set years before as she left her small Iowa country to get a first page article, she pushes the limits of what is expected of her, bringing golden stories to her ungrateful boss.

Catherine Ayers is the Ice queen reigning over The Daily Sentinel. Her favorite activities include engaging into feisty discussions and keeping everyone away from her. Everyone except an Iowa girl, who isn’t impressed by the persona that Catherine is. Intrigued by the story her nemesis is working on, Catherine pushes aside their differences for the greater good. Their paths get quickly interlaced and the scoop they are after might cost them more than what they are ready to sacrifice. But what threat is scary enough to keep two driven journalists away from their leads when their motto is ‘The story comes first’ .

It was one of the first suspense-like stories I’ve ever found myself intrigued by. The story is well written, the characters are well developed. It is clear from this story that the writer had a certain background in journalism because the situations and characters are relatable.

I started this book without even thinking there could be a bit of a romantic side to it, but there it was. Lauren and Catherine are the best example that opposites attract each other. At first, their relationship is like cold water on a burning fire. There isn’t much to it. Add oil to the mix, in this case the 34 prostitutes and the pink champagne, and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable situation on your hands. You can see both character’s evolution all through the story, you can see them work hard and with brilliant minds to get the complete story out of the people they meet along the way. Their determination and quick thinking is amazing and only a mind as brilliant as Lee Winter’s could pull it off. I was impressed to see all the little details coming together perfectly. I must admit the quality of this book kept me captivated all book long, even though I haven’t been a suspense-mysteries lover.

Having read this perfectly written book, I am more than excited to start reading the second book of the series coming out on June 20th. If it’s anything like the first one, it will blow my mind just as much.

I would recommend this book to any given soul who reads this review. It was one of the greatest book I’ve read this year and it left me completely astounded.  Lee Winter just grabbed herself a spot as one of my favorite writers with this book and I cannot wait to read more.

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Under a Falling Star by Jae

Under a Falling Star by Jae

Did you ever wish upon a falling star? I know I did more times than I can count, and I sometimes still do. I do believe it is everybody’s dream to make a wish and to see it come true. It adds to the magic every child still inside of us believes in and it’s that kind of mysterious magic that brought two amazing characters together.

Austen Brooks is a newly employed assistant to Mr. Saunders and since no one wants to take charge of decorating the office’s Christmas tree. Part of her decorations is insisting that everyone writes down a wish to hang on the tree.

Dee is the company’s second in command, therefore, everyone she ever met in her life is usually either afraid of her or being nice only to get something from her. Dee ‘s brother writes a simple Christmas wish for her to put up in the tree. To find a girlfriend. A lucky misfortune that happens leads her to spend a day with Austen Brooks, her brother’s new assistant.

Being new to the company, Austen doesn’t know who Dee really is and doesn’t care about voicing her unjustified opinion about the woman she named Attila after hearing rumors about her. Unlucky for her, she doesn’t know Dee’s real name is Daniella Saunders, aka Attila. Leaving Austen in the dark regarding the real identity of her new friend gives Dee an option she never had before, to see who she is truly dealing with, to get a glimpse at Austen’s intentions along with getting chance to meet someone she would’ve never ever considered speaking with before. Maybe there really is some magic in wishing upon a falling star.

I had this book in my Wishlist for longer than I could remember. If I had known it would be that good, I would’ve pressed the little ‘’Buy’’ button way before. I feel like I am repeating myself but as usual, Jae’s writing is flawless, her characters are so real and honest, you can’t stop reading. Even the most complex of them has an intriguing history and it pushes you to keep on reading through. It was another buy I will not regret. The research Jae has put in is once again perfect. You can see from the high writing level that Jae knows what she is doing.

Dee’s character was my favorite. As much as people are trying to make her feel like a mean and horrible character, she strikes me has an unforgiven, but impartial and loyal boss. She is married to her work and would do anything she needs to prove to her family and herself that she has what it takes to get the lead of the company eventually. Being a woman in a male dominated family forces her to outshine herself and is making her truly the best, regardless of her feelings she keeps hidden. Meeting Austen brings out the best in Dee and her emotional journey is amazing to follow.

This book is the proof that sometimes the most expected pairing is the truest of them all.

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