Tight knit by Shaya Crabtree

Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree


Lara Spellmeyer comes back home after spending a few years away, building her ‘’Cat sweater empire’’.


 When her life comes tumbling down, she finds herself at her starting point, dealing with her Grand-mother and her health issues while trying to save a little bit of what is let from her company. When everything is going wrong, the last thing one would want is an invasive ex, in this case, Paige Daley, trying to write an article about all that is going wrong in your life. But life has a way of surprising even the most hardened heart. 


I’m not sure if I’ve read from Shaya Crabtree before since her previous books remind me a lot of a fanfiction I’ve read before. If it’s the case, then her writing is still as awesome as it was. If not, then, I am more than happy that I got the chance to read and review this book and learn about this new author. 


As much as I loved the story, it felt like Lara was running after all the crap that was going on in her life. At some point, she was playing the victim so much it was irritating. I did love Paige’s personality. She doesn’t shy away when people ask her to, and it was refreshing. 


Overall the book was good, but at some point, I found it was missing something to hook me to the story. I’m guessing Lara’s persona did that, even if there were a few moments I really loved it the book, but they were not enough for me to give it 5 stars or read it all in a night. I still recommend reading it, because it was a nice read. I look forward to reading more from the same author. 


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Payback by Charlotte Mills

Payback by Charlotte Mills


I think many of us have at one point in our lives felt the urge to get payback for something someone has done. And that’s what I’ve been expecting from the first pages of Payback, by Charlotte Mills.


I’m still unsure about how to review this book without spoiling anything, which is always my main concern when reviewing suspense/mystery novels.


Kate Wolfe arrives in town. She has been sent under unclear circumstances and almost makes an inexcusable mistake on her first day in. DCI Helen Taylor, also known ad Guv must deal with her new agent who doesn’t seem to know how to lay low.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect from the book, and it was that way for at least half the book. The mystery parts where captivating, blowing all assumptions we have about the committed crimes. It keeps the reader guessing all book long.

I thought there were a little bit too much of X-rated scenes for my liking, but that’s simply a preference on my part. They were well written and didn’t stop the flow of the story.

This book was filled with surprises and an unexpected ending that’s for sure. It was my first read by Charlotte Mills and I must admit I am gladly surprised. The intrigue was present all book long, keeping me captivated by the chapters to come, but at the same time, creating a romantic environment so the two protagonists could evolve in it.

It is a well-written mystery, pushing the lines between what we would be ready to do just to get a Payback and the fact that we all can picture situations in which we would’ve acted a certain way, giving there were no consequences… I think it helps the reader understand the characters and their personalities better.


I cannot say I have a favourite character since none of them stood out from the rest.


Payback is a good read and I suggest it to everyone looking for a good mystery. It’s not a Lee Winter’s mystery, but it’s close.


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*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Hooked on You by Jenn Matthews


Did you ever felt stuck at a crossroad, living your life in peace, going with the flow until some family members try to push you out of your comfort zone? That is exactly what happens to Anna when Bethany, her daughter, insists on her finding a new hobby, and how Anna finds herself looking through the shelves of Ollie’s business, Darn That Yarn.


I remember reading the resume for this book a few months ago and I couldn’t wait to read it. I was pleased to get the chance to read and review it. I loved the premise of two older women meeting over Anna’s newfound hobby and sharing their passion over it.

I think the title properly represents how the reader gets hooked on the story. After a series of deceiving read, this one was refreshing and great.


I must admit, the prologue made me anxious about the rest of the book since it is so different from where and when the story takes place. Even if it was not my favourite chapter, it was mandatory to understand Ollie’s personality and what goes on in her life regarding her kids and her situation.

Thankfully, the next chapters do the work of reeling us in and meeting Anna and her family really help the reader wanting to devour the book.

Matthews did such a wonderful job at making us feel welcome in this crochet group, it almost made me want to try my hands at it if it wasn’t for my already too busy schedule. It was the first time I’ve read from Jenn Matthews and it will not be the last. She filled her book with *mostly all* loveable characters whose journey was interesting to follow.

Anna and Ollie’s interactions are really well written and it is easy to understand how much their attraction to one another affects them in their personal lives.

Hooked on you is a great slow burn romance with only one thing that bothered me. Since the whole book is going at a slow but sure pace, I would’ve loved to see the ending go by at the same pace, but instead, it felt like a rushed ending.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful ending, but I wish there was more. We spent almost 300 pages falling in love with both characters, and I think it would’ve made sense for the story to either keep the same pace or maybe add a chapter or two.


That’s all I am going to say on the matter because I do believe this book was really well written and I would recommend it to all readers looking for a fun and easy read. You’ll see for yourself if the ending was enough for you, or if you are as needy as I am and would’ve wanted more.

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Just Physical by Jae

Just Physical by Jae

Jill Corrigan is a dedicated actress. She works hard to be the best at what she does, she even forced herself to make radical changes in her life after finding out she has multiple sclerosis. She can pretend all she wants that those changes are not affecting her but choosing to never get attached to someone becomes a real struggle once she meets her stunt double, the great Kristine ‘’Crash’’ Patterson on the set of her latest movie. Watching their friendship grows so fast and seeing Crash burst every wall Jill ever put up is a pleasure to read in Just Physical, by Jae.

In true Jae’s fashion, this story is a fun, captivating, smartly written story. Jae always finds a way to bring unusual topics in her books, let it be MS, or asexuality, even putting some of her characters in a stationery store for her latest book.

She is an amazing writer who can bring challenging parts of a character into life, while still making them strong hard-headed women not to be reckoned with. I always admire her writing for that and Just Physical only adds to the list of wonderful stories I’ve loved from her.

I loved Jill’s character even more than I did in the previous book of the series. She is smart and funny. Her strength was impressive before, but even more in this book. Jae has a wonderful talent to bring out the strength in every character she writes so that no matter what they are going through, they still impress the readers with it.

Crash’s character comes in the story with such a force and a sweet side, sweet enough to sweep Jill off her feet, but strong enough to pull up with her stubbornness. Sure she comes with her baggage, but the fact that she knows what she wants out of life and knows how to fight for it is remarkable.

I have a special mention for Grace and Lauren, whom I’ve loved in Damage Control and was so excited to see them again in Just Physical.

I really suggest this book to every late reader like I was, who finally got the chance to read it last month, after months of having in it my Wishlist. Every book Jae write are a sure value, this one is no exception.

Grab your copy, you won’t regret it.

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Language of Love

Language of Love, edited by Astrid Ohletz and Lee Winter


I never know how to properly review a collection of holiday short stories with various writers. Some were amazing, others were great, one thing for sure was that they all made a great anthology before the holidays.

I loved that Language of Love allowed me to read again from writers I already love and admire, as much as finding new unexpected talents. It is a good read before the holidays.

There is a story for every reader out there.

My favorite one to read was The Friend by Lee Winter. I don’t know if it’s because I am used to her writing and I usually love her style, but the friend’s story really hit home, reminding me the first moments I brought a ‘’Friend’’ home. It brought me back in time and I loved it.

I suggest this book to anyone looking for a great holiday anthem.

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The sea by KL Hugues

The Sea by KL Hugues

To be honest, I had not read the details of the offer before getting this book to review, so I was more than surprised to find that the full length ‘’book’’ I was expecting to read turned out to be a less than 35 pages short story waiting for me to read and review.

There isn’t much to say about it, it is a good short story that could probably have been more than what it was, given more pages to the story, but it was still good.

It ended way too fast, right when the story was beginning to get my full attention. It’s a great short to read; it is mysterious and captivating. The universe really could be explored more.

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Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett

Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett

Diana gets a second chance at a medical career she is determined to pursue after spending years off the grid, living a Rockstar life. The only things being asked of her are to lay low and prove she is dedicated and able to follow the group, which she is more than ready to prove.

Emily is a workaholic, dedicated to her job, always expecting the best of her colleagues and apprentices. She has wonderful work ethics and definite goals in her life.

Can they find a common ground, or will Diana’s secret keep her from proving herself to Emily and her expectations?


Irregular heartbeat was my first book by Chris Zett but will certainly not be my last. I loved the writing style of the book. It was different but got me hooked right from the first pages of the book.

I always had a soft spot for Medical centered books, and the rhythm it was written with really helped the reading flow, giving it an appreciated fast pace. I loved that there were no filler moments in the book, every part of the story was pertinent. At times, it reminded me of some of Grey’s Anatomy episodes, with all the medical dramas surrounding the story, in a positive way.

I always give bonus points when the characters are well built, and complete in their own individual ways before they even meet. The fact that there is no need for a love story for the characters to grow into loveable and intricate characters is always a positive factor.

I appreciated Diana’s character because of her history, and the fact that she isn’t portrayed as a dumb Rockstar, but more like a grown-up adult that belongs in the spot she is given in the book.

I also loved Emily’s personality and the fact that it is clear by the secondary members of the story that she is not the most loved person in the ED and the fact that Diana must prove herself to her. The way their interactions are written keep the reader intrigued, never sure whether if Emily will snap or not. It was also great to read how smooth and fast their attraction grew, without both really realizing it was there. Both of their professional attitudes was a must in the complete story.


I gladly suggest Irregular Heatbeat for all the previous reasons mentioned. I know this book deserves its spot into every reader’s shelf. It was a great surprise and a pleasurable experience to get the chance to read and review this lovely book. I give it an easy 5/5.

*I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review*

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