The Music & The Mirror by Lola Keeley

The Music & The Mirror by Lola Keeley.


Did you ever read a book that is so well written that all the words are flowing just like moves to a well choreographed ballet?

Lola Keeley’s debut novel is filled with so many dance moves that you might even find yourself searching through YouTube videos to watch different ballets and technical terms in order to picture the story’s moves perfectly. I know I did. The Music & The Mirror is captivating and as soon as you pick the book, it’s hard, almost impossible to drop it. Even if like me, you know almost nothing about ballet.

The story of a passionate Anna Gale, who has always dreamed of becoming a Prima (The most important female in a ballet company), or at least be featured in an elite company’s production who gets her chance and is trained by Victoria Ford. After a misfortune at her first rehearsal under the demanding Ms. Ford, she has to prove to her idol and to herself that she has all that it takes to become what is expected of her and even more. The story basically revolves around Anna learning to master her art and technique while Victoria is pushing her to become even more than what Anna believes she can be.

What happens when Victoria wants to shake up the ballet convention by using Anna as a Prince, a role usually filled by a man? Can the newcomer handle the challenge and all the press around this possible role? Can she prove to her bosses that she has all it takes to get great critics for the company? It’s about finding your inner power and using it to achieve all the goals and dreams you always had in your life.

The story is believable on every aspect possible, the unexpected romance, the hard, competitive side of ballet crews and jealousy within it is well portrayed.

The character that impressed me by its multiple facets was Victoria’s one, mostly because of all the different emotions she was able to get from me. Hard as hell at times, soft as a peach in others, I was torn between loving and hating her character and somehow, it was what kept me going in the book. The complexity of Anna‘s character is not to be forgotten though. I wish there was a little more detail about her youth, I think it would’ve added to the characters personality, though the mystery it creates instead is not to be forgotten.

The native French speaker in me has to give bonus points for the integration of a few French words; it was nice to read them throughout the story. The book remains a mystery and everything happening is highly unexpected, which is rare to see in a book. Every time I was convinced I knew what was bound to happen, the writer surprised me with total unexpected events.

I recommend this book to every reader out there; it will surely become a hit and I look forward to reading more of this talented writer. Lola Keeley showed with her debut novel that she has all it takes to dominate the sales with this great success.

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