The sea by KL Hugues

The Sea by KL Hugues

To be honest, I had not read the details of the offer before getting this book to review, so I was more than surprised to find that the full length ‘’book’’ I was expecting to read turned out to be a less than 35 pages short story waiting for me to read and review.

There isn’t much to say about it, it is a good short story that could probably have been more than what it was, given more pages to the story, but it was still good.

It ended way too fast, right when the story was beginning to get my full attention. It’s a great short to read; it is mysterious and captivating. The universe really could be explored more.

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Popcorn Love by KL Hugues

Popcorn Love by KL Hugues

This book has been on my list for a while but somehow always got pushed back. I am so glad I finally took the time to read it. I’ve known KL Hugues’ work from the fanfiction days and it’s the first book I’ve read since ‘’The Art of Us’’.

Elena Vega is a young successful businesswoman and single mother who effectively splits her life between her work and her son. After her friend and family insists she needs to find someone to share her life, she agrees to go on a few blind dates set by her best friend, only if she finds a suitable babysitter for her son.

Elena’s best friend Vivian does what is asked and Allison Sawyer enters Elena’s life in a questionable way. Allison is different from anyone Elena probably would have interviewed to babysit Lucas if it wasn’t for Vivian. Coming from a difficult background, Allison, a college student is a great example of a kid who had to grow up in the system without the love of her parents. On the other hand, Elena comes from a different universe with her parents being well off, her perfect use of the English language and her attitude that might come on as stiff. Surprisingly, even coming from two opposite worlds; both adults connect, and Allison is a perfect fit for her son.

Every time Elena goes on a date, Allison is there as she gets ready and meets her dates. Luckily, she is still there to talk its ups and downs with her afterwards with a big popcorn and Reese bowl. Is Elena unsuitable for all her dates? Maybe that would explain why she cannot wait to get back home and share the eventful experiences her dates were with her son’s babysitter. Or maybe is there something more?

KL Hugues did a great job with her characters in this book. Their banters and their chemistry are so well written, that it is impossible not to fall in love with all the characters in this book. More than once in the book, when Elena opened the door to meet her date, I was always looking forward to reading Allison’s opinion on the guy, because she usually wasn’t wrong, and it was in those moments that we could see them evolve. The storyline is entertaining. I could clearly see this become a great movie. The dialogue is adorably hilarious at times.

I would recommend this book to anyone out there who is just like me, hesitating and pushing it back down the pile. It is a nice, easy read between two main characters with clashing personalities. On the plus side, there is no complicated situations, no uncertainties. It feels like how most love stories in real life are started. They build slowly without anyone noticing it, but once you realise your feelings and are in the relationship, you are in. There is no need to complicate things with hesitant feelings. This book is great for all the lovers at heart out there who can’t bear getting their hearts broken by a book.



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The Art of Us by KL Hugues

Falling out of love or breaking up with someone is easy. Ending a relationship while both parties are still madly in love which each others on the other hand, that’s the recipe for disasters.

How to review a story you have read both before and after it was turned into a book. KL Hughes’s work is different from what I usually read. Not that many writers can write shattering heartbreaks and still give enough of the characters that no matter what has happened between them, you can still support each of their decisions individually, without having to find a good or a bad guy. This book is the best proof of it.

‘’ The Art of us ‘’ is the imperfect love story of two soul mates with shattered hearts, meeting again a few years after everything stopped working between them.

What happens when Alexandra’s job lead her back to Boston and a ghost from her past comes and knock the wind out of her. Should they try to mend what has been broken or leave it all in the past?

This is the story about unstoppable force meeting unmovable objects; and it is an amazingly well written journey.

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