Who’d Have Thought, by G Benson

Who’d Have Thought, by G Benson


We all live our lives thinking that we know what the limits to what we would do for people that we care about is. What would you be willing to do to get enough money for your family and yourself? Hayden is facing this challenge in G. Benson’s book, Who’d Have Thought.

Hayden is a passionate nurse who loves her job and her cat more than anything. She is struggling to meet both ends most of the time and must work a lot to be able to send enough money home to her family and it is leaving her with less than what would be adequate to survive. On one of her many sleepless night, she stumbles upon Sam’s mysterious ad, who is searching for a fake wife who’d be able to stay available for a year, offering a great compensation. After dismissing the ad thinking it was a joke and when her financial situation reaches its limit, Hayden must fall for that offer which might as well change her whole life along with Sam’s.

I was positively surprised by this book, since I had started it looking for a story that would last me a few days, but ended up reading it all in one sitting, unable to move and get my attention elsewhere. This book is both captivating and infuriating at times. The story is well written, and the characters are unique in their ways to act and react to diverse situations given to them. The background of both main characters is complete, and you can easily understand who they are by the way they act, Sam being more reserved, harder to understand and grown up, as Hayden is a little bit more sarcastic, impulsive and easily approachable.

The mix of them both is an honest charm, since Hayden wasn’t afraid to share her dislike and impressions of Thompson right from the start.  Reading the first chapters, it is hard to see them ever selling their relationship to the world, but they still managed to pull it off enough that the line between ‘’what is supposed to be’’ and ‘’what is’’ gets blurry enough for the reader to believe the whole thing easily.

There is enough drama and misunderstandings in their relationship to fuel the reader’s appetite but somehow it all made me push further into story. I had already read another one of G. Benson’s books, but I must admit this one is my favorite so far. I’ve read it twice in a week since I bought it and will probably re-read it again next week. I suggest you all invest a little to be able to own this wonderful book.


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