All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue

All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue

Stephanie Sterling (Stevie) is a newly registered nurse. After a messed-up party, she wakes up lost at sea, on Karin Malone (Kaz)’s yacht, Delilah. What starts like two siblings arguing, finally ends up being one of the greatest representations of amazing ‘’Team Effort’’ and how life can surprise you when you least expect it.

The novel revolves around Stevie, who keeps trying to mend edges with her unsupportive family, the powerful Sterling of Sterling Save, and around Kaz, the solitary but driven owner of precious Delilah and Sinbad, her lovely cat. Their bickering at the beginning of the book is perfect and helps understand who they are and what they both think is more important, Stevie’s new job, or Kaz’s mission with Ocean Rights.

I had such a great moment getting to know them and their individual universe. It was a great change in my usual reading habits since I know next to nothing about how to navigate a yacht and any of its components. I have to admit I had to search a few words online, simply to add to my personal knowledge.

Once again Cheyenne Blue surprises me with an incredibly developed story and characters. I remember again reading Code of conduct a while ago and being impressed by the level of research she had put in her book, and I am not surprised to see the same level of intensity and expertise reflected in All at Sea. The characters are complete, their baggage and background history are clear and consistent with their actions, reactions and beliefs. This book was a delight and I suggest you all grab a copy; the story is totally worth it.


*I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review*

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A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue

A heart this big by Cheyenne Blue.

I was excited to get the chance to review A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue. Luckily for me, it wasn’t my first read of her novels, but this one was on top of the list.

Nina Pellegrini owns and runs a farm. She doesn’t roll on Gold and knows how hard you must work to get what you want in life. Happens something horrible and tragic and she must fight as best as she can with all that she has. Her comes her lawyer, Leigh Willoughby.

To be honest, I hated Leigh’s character in the beginning for her condescending way of acting. As the story grows and she loosens up a bit, I get to enjoy her true personality and it seems to me as a good thing.

What got me hooked at first was the farm itself. How Nina and her daughter work hard to keep it going giving it the best they have.  I think the romantic aspect of the book comes in the right place, at the right moment.

I loved how both characters know how to draw lines between their hearts and how the story is unfolding. I’m not going to say more than that, but I loved how it was written and how beautifully both characters grow.

I would recommend this book without a doubt. It is a slow build romance that’s worth reading.


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*I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review.*

Code Of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue

Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue

Genevieve Jones is a world tennis champion. After losing an excruciating match because of a fault called by a chair umpire, she suffers from a painful wrist injury that might take away all her last hopes to win a Grand Slam once again. She is forced to face a new reality that is clearly out of question for her.

Gabriella is a silver badge umpire for tennis tournaments. Passionate about her job and the opportunity it gives her to travel, she wishes to finally get her golden badge, a highest point in her career.

Meeting Genevieve (better known as Viva) out of the tennis court wasn’t part of her plan and her car breaking down wasn’t either. Them being friends is strictly prohibited by the umpire’s code of conduct, so the matches can always be impartial. Is there any chance for them to drop the war hatchet and become friends, or will Gabriella’s respect for her Code of Conduct keep them away?

It was the first time I read a book by Cheyenne Blue and it was a great read. The story is enthralling, the characters are loveable, you feel for them and their misfortune.  Being unused to all the Tennis jargon and with the language barrier I still have at times, it took me a few chapters to figure out all the details of the matches and I had to google some of the Tennis rules, so I could be more informed on what was happening and whether it was permitted or not.

The story is fun to follow because the action starts almost at the beginning of the book, getting you hooked as fast as possible and keeping you intrigued all book long.

I loved Gabriella’s character more than Viva’s in this story. Don’t get me wrong, Viva is a nice woman with a nice familial back ground and friends she can always count on, but Gabriella’s interactions with her friends are more like mine. I loved how strong she felt about her convictions and her need, almost stubborn to respect her code of conduct to achieve a goal she always tried to reach. I like the way her personality makes her almost as intense as tennis players are, the way she keeps being physically active even if she is in the shadow of the professionals she watches over, it doesn’t seem to diminish her passion and love about the sport and its surroundings.

This story is what happens when two women who are perfectly good for each other, find themselves at a crossroad having to choose between integrity, love, work and dreams. Sometimes the obvious choice isn’t always the right one and watching them go through all the struggles they must face is amazing.


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