The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks

The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks

Morgan Spencer is a talented professional golf player. Andrienne Wyatt is a Television Producer.

 Their lives get entangled because of Andrienne’s documentary mostly about Morgan as she tries to get her hand on the Major prize, much to Morgan’s dismay at first. Will spending too much time together break their chance at friendship, or will it help it develop into something more?

This book came over me like a surprise. Not because of who writes it, because I am a HUGE A.L. Brooks fan, but mostly because I am rarely a sports fan, at all. I hate watching it, talking about it, hell, even read about it. I know next to nothing about it and I’m fine with that. Therefore, the fact that I enjoyed myself so much while reading this book surprises me. The writing is as good as it always is while reading any of Brooks’s books, so there is nothing more to say about it. The characters are funny and loveable, well, maybe except for Morgan’s father. I spent most of the book wanting to throw him under a bus. But other than that, the story flows so nicely it’s almost impossible to drop the book once you start reading it. The characters are all adding a lot to the story. Morgan’s mom being adorable as it can get. I loved it.

I suggest you all grab a copy because the story is worth it. Grab a few more by A.L. Brooks while you are at it. 


 *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.* 


Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks

Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks.


Emmy winner Tamsyn Harris knows her way around a set since she’s been working on them most of her life. When a situation takes a different turn than expected, and work is taking its toll on her, she ends up taking some time off in a reclused area. Enters Maggie Cooper, a known writer who hasn’t been able to write new books for a while, who also happens to need a little time away from the world.

After one meeting turns into many, and friendship blossom between them, how will they handle going back to real life surrounded by curious souls?

I must thank A.L. Brooks for giving me a book to read that put an end into the ‘’not so good ‘’ ones I’ve been reading lately. I needed it.

From the title, I was expecting Maggie to finish the book by writing a script to something (movie or else) in which Tamsyn would end up playing. Thankfully, it wasn’t what happens, but it still would’ve been a great option in my opinion.

Like her previous books, this one is filled with great moments and great chemistry between the characters. I loved the fact that Tamsyn wasn’t known as a lesbian and the surprise it creates between them. Also, the interactions between Maggie, who really loves Tamsyn as an actress and has seen all the projects she ever worked on, but who also respects her limits and boundaries.

I would suggest this read to anyone looking for a fast and enjoyable read from start to finish.

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*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*


One way or Another by A.L. Brooks

One way or Another by A.L. Brooks

Bethany Keane, a shy primary school teacher, finds herself standing in front of a sex shop. While she is still debating whether she will go in or not to buy the sex toy she wants to get back into an active sex life, after being celibate for a few years, she meets Sarah Connolly. Sarah is a corporate lawyer and a regular buyer at the sex shop. She is a player and excels at getting a woman fall to her feet. The meeting is a result of unexpected circumstances, and being turned down by Bethany, only makes Sarah try for more.

The story was great and had a big potential. After reading, I personally wish the characters had more chemistry with each other. Since they met in front of a Sex Shop, a random and unexpected place to meet, and they don’t seem to get along right away, I was waiting for a mind-blowing attraction to develop between them both. Throughout the book, it is obvious that they complete each other and have great interactions, but at times it ‘’lacked’’ the spark that would’ve made them even more warm to one another and captivate the reader’s attention, in this case, mine.

From the premise of the book, I was sure I would find myself reading a book without an actual plot and mostly filled with sex scenes, which I was happy it wasn’t the case. One way or Another is a fun, intriguing and fast read book. It doesn’t get too intense in the BDSM world as I at first thought it would and its characters are perfect for the universe.

It was fun to see the shy Bethany, becomes the not-so-shy Bethany in the bedroom, while the dominant and fierce Sarah can let herself be dominated at times. The contrast is great to read and gives a good pace to the book.

It was another great book by A.L. Brooks. I recommend it as a funny and fast read. The characters are loveable, or at least Bethany is… Sarah takes more time to get used to.

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*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. *


Up on the Roof by A.L. Brooks

Up on the Roof by A.L. Brooks.

There is always a motivational rush when you are moving into a new apartment. It is the thrilling mix of possibilities, of bigger spaces, new decorations, and new neighbors. Everything about it can be exciting. A little scratch on an adjacent door while moving a big couch can surely put a dent in all the excitement. It is exactly what happens when clumsy Megan finally gets to her new apartment. She and her friend Jen are taking furniture and boxes inside and by misfortune, scratch the door of her new neighbor, Lena. The whole meeting could all have been a simple mishap in itself but sadly for Megan, Lena is a little over herself with all the cleaning in her life and order around her place, and the little scratch, along with a few of Megan’s unwanted mistakes and loud gathering make their relationship impossible.

They get the rug pulled from under their feet one day when a major storm hits town and Lena’s flat gets destroyed, leaving Megan in a delicate position of letting her unfortunate neighbor live in her apartment while the repairs gets done. Can their edgy relationship survive the time it takes to fix what has been broken? Will it force them to understand the other more? Is there ever a chance for them to become friends, maybe more?

I was really surprised by this book because it took me a few chapters to really start loving it but once I did, I couldn’t drop it. What hit me the most is that the beginning of the book is centered on Lena’s character and all her special quirks and multiple OCD tendencies, which makes it harder to fall into it right away.

Looking at it from another point of view though, I can now praise the writer because of it. I don’t know if it was meant to or not, but I could clearly understand and feel how cold and difficult Lena could be as a person and as Megan’s new neighbor. It made the story more relatable because I was warming up to Lena’s character at the same pace Megan was.

I am new to A.L. Brooks writings, having only read two of hers yet, but I like the way she writes her stories. Most of her characters have heavy relationship backgrounds that stick with them into their new lives. It makes the stories more relatable because most of us have been hurt by previous relationships and their actions somehow still manage to explain our reactions to various situations. I have to give a mention to the really different coming out stories, both more than realistic, giving the reader the possibility to feel closer to one of the character because of similar coming out stories.  My favorite character was Megan, mostly because I could relate to her in many aspects of her life.

It was overall a pretty good book that will make you smile, laugh and think at different times.
I am looking forward to reading more of this talented writer.

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 Miles Apart by A.L. Brooks.

 Miles Apart by A.L. Brooks.

Did you ever have your whole life planned ahead of you?  In your forties, a nice home, a great person to share your life with, an amazing job…. But what happens when your other half breaks your heart with a drunken one-night stand? Can you forget what has been done and try to keep your five year long relationship alive? Or should you just let go and hope to find something better?

Miles Apart is a great book filled with a lot of questioning, misunderstandings, hope and regrets. The tale itself is a journey that I loved; it captivated me in multiple occasions, even if the main subject of the book is infidelity and its aftermaths while the main characters are rebuilding themselves and who they are, their confidence.

At first, we get to learn a little bit about Alex and Terri’s lives and relationship in London as it is barely holding on because of Terri’s affair. The writer did an amazing job in the scenes when Alex and Terri almost have intercourse. The line between what your body physically wants and what your heart cannot give is so perfectly written that the reader can feel the emptiness that the protagonist feels. The opposite feeling as well is perfectly relatable, when your heart and body connects with someone but your head gets the best of you and your feelings.

There is also Justine’s story, from Montreal, who has also been cheated on and her way of coping with what Nadia has done in a really different way than how Alex does. This book puts into perspective all the reactions possible if your lover find herself in someone else’s bed for a night and how rightly wrong it feels when two broken hearts find themselves.

I feel like there isn’t much I can say without spoiling too much since the book is unpredictable but I will say this, A.L. Brooks knows how to make the readers feel the chemistry between its main characters, it was so strong and well written that every words I read felt like a tangible pull between them.

It was also nice to see Montreal and its streets in the book. I had rarely read any books mentioning the area and it was a nice change.

The internal turmoil of Alex and Justine are really worth reading the book for. I also like the pace of the book, going slow at times while having many time jumps ahead to allow a lot more from the story. The line between what is and what should be expected from a relationship is being walked on, making the reader navigate through different emotions, some highly positive and others really tormenting.

I recommend this book to readers who love deeper stories and strong emotional rollercoaster.

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