A Curious Woman by Jess Lea

A Curious Woman by Jess Lea

The story sets in a small town, and we get to know two main characters Bess Campbell and Marguerite Gale. Marguerite being the weird-ish woman, who people are most afraid of. She has an impressive way of handling negotiations and her employees, which makes her an easy target to blame for every bad thing happening in town. At first, she is portrayed as such that you almost believe what is being told about her. But a few chapters in her universe and it’s easy to see how there are always two sides to every story and that sometimes, what you see is not necessarily what happens.

Bess Campbell is a born Australian, who now lives in Port Bannir. She is fun and seems like a positive person. When there is a murder in town, their lives change forever.

When every data you have on the murder is inconclusive, and every proof point you in a certain direction, while other data points in the opposite, finding the true person responsible is hard and the story gets even more interesting.

I loved how the story was written. I was not used to Jess Lea full-length stories, and I am gladly surprised by how great it was. I wasn’t expecting much while starting it since I was not originally a fan of her written style, and suspense stories are often predictable, but Jess Lea proved me wrong strong and fast.


It was one of the great books I’ve read lately; It ranks high on my list of favourite mysteries. I suggest it to all the mystery lovers, I think this one will at points make you feel like you are on a C.S.I episode, searching for clues going in all directions. Jess Lea can write mysteries in a quality similar to Lee Winter’s writing, and that says much about how great the book was.

I do hope she keeps on this line of work since I clearly have more affinities with her writing complete novels instead of her previous releases.

I’ll happily reread it sooner than later.

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Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks

Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks.


Emmy winner Tamsyn Harris knows her way around a set since she’s been working on them most of her life. When a situation takes a different turn than expected, and work is taking its toll on her, she ends up taking some time off in a reclused area. Enters Maggie Cooper, a known writer who hasn’t been able to write new books for a while, who also happens to need a little time away from the world.

After one meeting turns into many, and friendship blossom between them, how will they handle going back to real life surrounded by curious souls?

I must thank A.L. Brooks for giving me a book to read that put an end into the ‘’not so good ‘’ ones I’ve been reading lately. I needed it.

From the title, I was expecting Maggie to finish the book by writing a script to something (movie or else) in which Tamsyn would end up playing. Thankfully, it wasn’t what happens, but it still would’ve been a great option in my opinion.

Like her previous books, this one is filled with great moments and great chemistry between the characters. I loved the fact that Tamsyn wasn’t known as a lesbian and the surprise it creates between them. Also, the interactions between Maggie, who really loves Tamsyn as an actress and has seen all the projects she ever worked on, but who also respects her limits and boundaries.

I would suggest this read to anyone looking for a fast and enjoyable read from start to finish.

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Payback by Charlotte Mills

Payback by Charlotte Mills


I think many of us have at one point in our lives felt the urge to get payback for something someone has done. And that’s what I’ve been expecting from the first pages of Payback, by Charlotte Mills.


I’m still unsure about how to review this book without spoiling anything, which is always my main concern when reviewing suspense/mystery novels.


Kate Wolfe arrives in town. She has been sent under unclear circumstances and almost makes an inexcusable mistake on her first day in. DCI Helen Taylor, also known ad Guv must deal with her new agent who doesn’t seem to know how to lay low.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect from the book, and it was that way for at least half the book. The mystery parts where captivating, blowing all assumptions we have about the committed crimes. It keeps the reader guessing all book long.

I thought there were a little bit too much of X-rated scenes for my liking, but that’s simply a preference on my part. They were well written and didn’t stop the flow of the story.

This book was filled with surprises and an unexpected ending that’s for sure. It was my first read by Charlotte Mills and I must admit I am gladly surprised. The intrigue was present all book long, keeping me captivated by the chapters to come, but at the same time, creating a romantic environment so the two protagonists could evolve in it.

It is a well-written mystery, pushing the lines between what we would be ready to do just to get a Payback and the fact that we all can picture situations in which we would’ve acted a certain way, giving there were no consequences… I think it helps the reader understand the characters and their personalities better.


I cannot say I have a favourite character since none of them stood out from the rest.


Payback is a good read and I suggest it to everyone looking for a good mystery. It’s not a Lee Winter’s mystery, but it’s close.


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Hooked on You by Jenn Matthews


Did you ever felt stuck at a crossroad, living your life in peace, going with the flow until some family members try to push you out of your comfort zone? That is exactly what happens to Anna when Bethany, her daughter, insists on her finding a new hobby, and how Anna finds herself looking through the shelves of Ollie’s business, Darn That Yarn.


I remember reading the resume for this book a few months ago and I couldn’t wait to read it. I was pleased to get the chance to read and review it. I loved the premise of two older women meeting over Anna’s newfound hobby and sharing their passion over it.

I think the title properly represents how the reader gets hooked on the story. After a series of deceiving read, this one was refreshing and great.


I must admit, the prologue made me anxious about the rest of the book since it is so different from where and when the story takes place. Even if it was not my favourite chapter, it was mandatory to understand Ollie’s personality and what goes on in her life regarding her kids and her situation.

Thankfully, the next chapters do the work of reeling us in and meeting Anna and her family really help the reader wanting to devour the book.

Matthews did such a wonderful job at making us feel welcome in this crochet group, it almost made me want to try my hands at it if it wasn’t for my already too busy schedule. It was the first time I’ve read from Jenn Matthews and it will not be the last. She filled her book with *mostly all* loveable characters whose journey was interesting to follow.

Anna and Ollie’s interactions are really well written and it is easy to understand how much their attraction to one another affects them in their personal lives.

Hooked on you is a great slow burn romance with only one thing that bothered me. Since the whole book is going at a slow but sure pace, I would’ve loved to see the ending go by at the same pace, but instead, it felt like a rushed ending.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful ending, but I wish there was more. We spent almost 300 pages falling in love with both characters, and I think it would’ve made sense for the story to either keep the same pace or maybe add a chapter or two.


That’s all I am going to say on the matter because I do believe this book was really well written and I would recommend it to all readers looking for a fun and easy read. You’ll see for yourself if the ending was enough for you, or if you are as needy as I am and would’ve wanted more.

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Drawing the Line by KD Williamson

Drawing the line by KD Williamson

Having your heart broken and never getting any explanations as to what happened and why it happens can force a character back into its shell and make it harder for her to get out. That’s what happens when Danni finds herself in front of her lovers’ empty drawers. Is it possible for time to heal what has been broken? Can two broken character find it in themselves to be civil to one another again, even be friends?

I don’t know why I cannot get into this series as much as others do. Williamson writes great characters with a lot of personal baggage but somehow, as intense and as good as I find her writing, I haven’t been able to get passionate about the story as much as I would’ve liked.

The characters interactions are well written, though I personally found Rick’s character annoying, and I do believe the book could’ve been better with less Rick in it. I do believe he has an important role as to help mend the bridges, but somehow, I think he spent way to much time whining and feeling sorry for himself after lying to his best friend for years, never mentioning he and Becca were still seeing each other on occasions. It brought unnecessary drama to the story and created much-unneeded angst.

I loved both Danni and Becca because they were relatable characters. I understood Danni’s need to focus on work and how passionate she is about it, and I also understood Becca’s need to run away to focus on herself and finding the person she was meant to be.


I wished the pace of the book was faster, mostly because of all Rick’s drama is putting brakes in most interactions. To me, this book was hardly a romance.


I still recommend this book, because I do believe it has a solid storyline, even if Rick broke the story for me. KD Williamson is a great author whose work is always worth a read.


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Romancing the kicker by Catherine Lane

Romancing the kicker by Catherine Lane


I’ve been waiting for this release for months. And I wasn’t disappointed. Catherine Lane’s writing was precise and accurate, her characters were fun and smartly written.

I have to admit at first, Parker’s character got on my nerves. I’m not usually the one to like a player-ish character, even less one never really had to work to provide for themselves, this is why Carly’s character was the one to draw me in at first. But as the pages went on, I realized there is more than meets the eyes and I found a sweet spot in Parker’s personality.

I found myself loving sides of her and her interactions with Carly.

I loved the chemistry both characters had. It made the story smoother to read. The fact that this book aboard subjects that are often put aside on books, like the homophobia they have to deal with, and their different upbringing is a plus.

Even if the book is called a Sports-romance, I don’t think it should stop anyone from reading it, because the slight amount of sports scenes in it aren’t enough to get the readers lost in the universe, and to me, it was a plus.
I do think there could’ve been more research and more importance giving to the fact that Parker was the First NFL female player; but it doesn’t take anything away from the story, simply that a little more research and time spent on that matter would’ve made the book even greater.

I recommend Lane’s work as it is worth reading. I give it a 4 stars rating and will gladly be rereading it soon enough.

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Shadow Hand by Sacchi Green


I don’t know what I was expecting from this book, because from the resumé I read before getting the book, I was hoping for an active, action-filled supernatural-ish story. Reading the first few chapters of the book really took my expectations down a notch.

I mean, isn’t it most people’s dream to get the chance to acquire a superpower? I know it always was one of mine. And seeing this storyline fall flat was a deception.

I read through the story, hoping it would get better, that it would intrigue me enough to get in a fast-reading mode, but it never did. Instead, it slowed my reading and made me lose interest in the book more often than I care to admit.

I’m not saying the book is bad though, I’m mostly saying it missed a lot of great opportunities turning it into a wonderful intriguing storyline. I’ve read stories from Sacchi Green before, and they were well written and captivating, hopefully, the next one will be able to fix the harm that this book might have done.

I do believe every book deserves its chance, so to the most curious and avid readers, you could take on the challenge to read this book, as I am pretty sure it has its special readers who will love it. And as it pains me to say this, I wasn’t one of them.




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