Drawing the Line by KD Williamson

Drawing the line by KD Williamson

Having your heart broken and never getting any explanations as to what happened and why it happens can force a character back into its shell and make it harder for her to get out. That’s what happens when Danni finds herself in front of her lovers’ empty drawers. Is it possible for time to heal what has been broken? Can two broken character find it in themselves to be civil to one another again, even be friends?

I don’t know why I cannot get into this series as much as others do. Williamson writes great characters with a lot of personal baggage but somehow, as intense and as good as I find her writing, I haven’t been able to get passionate about the story as much as I would’ve liked.

The characters interactions are well written, though I personally found Rick’s character annoying, and I do believe the book could’ve been better with less Rick in it. I do believe he has an important role as to help mend the bridges, but somehow, I think he spent way to much time whining and feeling sorry for himself after lying to his best friend for years, never mentioning he and Becca were still seeing each other on occasions. It brought unnecessary drama to the story and created much-unneeded angst.

I loved both Danni and Becca because they were relatable characters. I understood Danni’s need to focus on work and how passionate she is about it, and I also understood Becca’s need to run away to focus on herself and finding the person she was meant to be.


I wished the pace of the book was faster, mostly because of all Rick’s drama is putting brakes in most interactions. To me, this book was hardly a romance.


I still recommend this book, because I do believe it has a solid storyline, even if Rick broke the story for me. KD Williamson is a great author whose work is always worth a read.


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Romancing the kicker by Catherine Lane

Romancing the kicker by Catherine Lane


I’ve been waiting for this release for months. And I wasn’t disappointed. Catherine Lane’s writing was precise and accurate, her characters were fun and smartly written.

I have to admit at first, Parker’s character got on my nerves. I’m not usually the one to like a player-ish character, even less one never really had to work to provide for themselves, this is why Carly’s character was the one to draw me in at first. But as the pages went on, I realized there is more than meets the eyes and I found a sweet spot in Parker’s personality.

I found myself loving sides of her and her interactions with Carly.

I loved the chemistry both characters had. It made the story smoother to read. The fact that this book aboard subjects that are often put aside on books, like the homophobia they have to deal with, and their different upbringing is a plus.

Even if the book is called a Sports-romance, I don’t think it should stop anyone from reading it, because the slight amount of sports scenes in it aren’t enough to get the readers lost in the universe, and to me, it was a plus.
I do think there could’ve been more research and more importance giving to the fact that Parker was the First NFL female player; but it doesn’t take anything away from the story, simply that a little more research and time spent on that matter would’ve made the book even greater.

I recommend Lane’s work as it is worth reading. I give it a 4 stars rating and will gladly be rereading it soon enough.

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Shadow Hand by Sacchi Green


I don’t know what I was expecting from this book, because from the resumé I read before getting the book, I was hoping for an active, action-filled supernatural-ish story. Reading the first few chapters of the book really took my expectations down a notch.

I mean, isn’t it most people’s dream to get the chance to acquire a superpower? I know it always was one of mine. And seeing this storyline fall flat was a deception.

I read through the story, hoping it would get better, that it would intrigue me enough to get in a fast-reading mode, but it never did. Instead, it slowed my reading and made me lose interest in the book more often than I care to admit.

I’m not saying the book is bad though, I’m mostly saying it missed a lot of great opportunities turning it into a wonderful intriguing storyline. I’ve read stories from Sacchi Green before, and they were well written and captivating, hopefully, the next one will be able to fix the harm that this book might have done.

I do believe every book deserves its chance, so to the most curious and avid readers, you could take on the challenge to read this book, as I am pretty sure it has its special readers who will love it. And as it pains me to say this, I wasn’t one of them.




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Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Breaking character by Lee Winter.
What happens when the ice queen gets rumored to be in love with her new perky co-worker? Can they pretend like this is not affecting them and their careers?

Breaking character follows the story of Elizabeth Thornton, America’s most-hated villain star on a show named Choosing Hope. Everything we read at first about this character doesn’t help us warm up to her. Just as many of Lee Winter’s villains, she somehow finds her way into the readers hearts and doesn’t disappoint when she does.
As for the other primary character, the overly happy Summer Hayes does a wonderful job of winning the readers hearts fast. She is a well-known young actress, who has made a name for herself in a TV show she led for a few seasons in her youth. She gets the privilege to play a role in the top-rated series Choosing Hope, with Elizabeth. Summer’s clumsiness on set on her first day set them off on the wrong foot, and every scene following is a build-up to the wonderful story you’ll find while reading Winter’s words.

Once again, Lee Winter wrote an award-worthy story with two complex and adorable characters you fall in love with. Elizabeth wins you over from her cold-hearted personality as the book goes on and she becomes a complete and intense character, whose drive adds a lot to the story. Then, you have the happy and energic Summer, whose clumsiness wins you over in the first few chapters of the book. Seeing them interact all book long is a wonderful journey. Nobody writes a loveable Ice Queen as Winter does. I’d recommend this book for its character’s progression as I’ve rarely read.

I was once again lucky to get the chance to review one of Lee Winter’s book, especially in my ‘’newborn just got home, and I can’t sleep’’ phase. Somehow, staying up a little later to read a few pages of this book was totally worth it and given different circumstances, I would’ve read it in a single read, I have no doubts. It is a great book to get you back into reading after a hiatus and will make you want to read more.
Personally, I think that a book written by Lee Winter is one of the few sure values I have in my authors’ list, and she once again proves she deserves to be in it with Breaking character. She takes a fairly common trope, mixing it up into a surprisingly different story than what you’d expect and writes a wonderful masterpiece.

Grab your copy, it will be worth it.
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Just Physical by Jae

Just Physical by Jae

Jill Corrigan is a dedicated actress. She works hard to be the best at what she does, she even forced herself to make radical changes in her life after finding out she has multiple sclerosis. She can pretend all she wants that those changes are not affecting her but choosing to never get attached to someone becomes a real struggle once she meets her stunt double, the great Kristine ‘’Crash’’ Patterson on the set of her latest movie. Watching their friendship grows so fast and seeing Crash burst every wall Jill ever put up is a pleasure to read in Just Physical, by Jae.

In true Jae’s fashion, this story is a fun, captivating, smartly written story. Jae always finds a way to bring unusual topics in her books, let it be MS, or asexuality, even putting some of her characters in a stationery store for her latest book.

She is an amazing writer who can bring challenging parts of a character into life, while still making them strong hard-headed women not to be reckoned with. I always admire her writing for that and Just Physical only adds to the list of wonderful stories I’ve loved from her.

I loved Jill’s character even more than I did in the previous book of the series. She is smart and funny. Her strength was impressive before, but even more in this book. Jae has a wonderful talent to bring out the strength in every character she writes so that no matter what they are going through, they still impress the readers with it.

Crash’s character comes in the story with such a force and a sweet side, sweet enough to sweep Jill off her feet, but strong enough to pull up with her stubbornness. Sure she comes with her baggage, but the fact that she knows what she wants out of life and knows how to fight for it is remarkable.

I have a special mention for Grace and Lauren, whom I’ve loved in Damage Control and was so excited to see them again in Just Physical.

I really suggest this book to every late reader like I was, who finally got the chance to read it last month, after months of having in it my Wishlist. Every book Jae write are a sure value, this one is no exception.

Grab your copy, you won’t regret it.

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One way or Another by A.L. Brooks

One way or Another by A.L. Brooks

Bethany Keane, a shy primary school teacher, finds herself standing in front of a sex shop. While she is still debating whether she will go in or not to buy the sex toy she wants to get back into an active sex life, after being celibate for a few years, she meets Sarah Connolly. Sarah is a corporate lawyer and a regular buyer at the sex shop. She is a player and excels at getting a woman fall to her feet. The meeting is a result of unexpected circumstances, and being turned down by Bethany, only makes Sarah try for more.

The story was great and had a big potential. After reading, I personally wish the characters had more chemistry with each other. Since they met in front of a Sex Shop, a random and unexpected place to meet, and they don’t seem to get along right away, I was waiting for a mind-blowing attraction to develop between them both. Throughout the book, it is obvious that they complete each other and have great interactions, but at times it ‘’lacked’’ the spark that would’ve made them even more warm to one another and captivate the reader’s attention, in this case, mine.

From the premise of the book, I was sure I would find myself reading a book without an actual plot and mostly filled with sex scenes, which I was happy it wasn’t the case. One way or Another is a fun, intriguing and fast read book. It doesn’t get too intense in the BDSM world as I at first thought it would and its characters are perfect for the universe.

It was fun to see the shy Bethany, becomes the not-so-shy Bethany in the bedroom, while the dominant and fierce Sarah can let herself be dominated at times. The contrast is great to read and gives a good pace to the book.

It was another great book by A.L. Brooks. I recommend it as a funny and fast read. The characters are loveable, or at least Bethany is… Sarah takes more time to get used to.

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Language of Love

Language of Love, edited by Astrid Ohletz and Lee Winter


I never know how to properly review a collection of holiday short stories with various writers. Some were amazing, others were great, one thing for sure was that they all made a great anthology before the holidays.

I loved that Language of Love allowed me to read again from writers I already love and admire, as much as finding new unexpected talents. It is a good read before the holidays.

There is a story for every reader out there.

My favorite one to read was The Friend by Lee Winter. I don’t know if it’s because I am used to her writing and I usually love her style, but the friend’s story really hit home, reminding me the first moments I brought a ‘’Friend’’ home. It brought me back in time and I loved it.

I suggest this book to anyone looking for a great holiday anthem.

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*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*